KDE – akonadi – kmail

I had a high view of KDE and the tools of this desktop environment. But today I got quite a throwback with it.

Since my Thunderbird has got some some issues (2 windows popping up, problems receiving mail (chrome javascript, etc.)), which were rather hard to fix, I decided to give Kmail a chance.

Well, Kmail has his chances gamed away now. I set up everything according to menu guidance but no mail was getting into my folders. Kmail activity log said something about ‘Unable to append item flags’. After some research I found out that there’s quite a work to do to fix that bug and that this bug is already known since 2011!

After such a long time such a problem should be solved by the application itself in my opinion not by the user with quite a bulk of work cleaning some directories, cleaning configs, reconfiguring everything, etc.

Now back to Thunderbird. Already fixed the problems there after getting in touch with the bugs from Kmail. 😉