Austria: the A1modem

Living in Austria and having a fixed network connection through the provider A1 can have disadvantages. For example the connection has a maximum of 2.9Mbit/s, because of long lines. But the price is the same as like a 8Mbit/s connection, which is, errm… , unfair.

I can live with the slow connection, when it is stable, which it luckily is.

Then there’s the A1modem, this little white plastic case with a black front. The Wifi of this box is the utterest crap you can find, but that’s not the only thing I encountered: This box has other problems with the packet delivery. I can’t really tell, what’s the exact problem, the only thing I can tell for sure is the fact, that I had problems connecting to several servers. For example I could not connect to the steam network, only after almost 20 tries a connection could be made. An other example is my own server at, interestingly my standard ssh connection was not a problem, but since I’ve installed docker with gitlab and had to open a second ssh port only for gitlab, I could not connect to it. I thought there were problems with the open ports on my server, but everything looked more than correct, then I just had the idea to try it with a script, and there it was: in 50 tries I got a connection with ssh on the specific port TWICE! Soo, the problem had to be somewhere else. So I came to the A1modem, after restarting and checking the configuration of every router I had in between and I had the force to command over. After a restart of the A1modem everything runs fine again. Funny, isn’t it?

Here some REALLY funny bits of that problem, traceroutes.

Here the traceroute before the restart of the modem:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 ( 0.245 ms 0.333 ms 0.418 ms
 2 a1modem.home ( 1.712 ms 1.738 ms 1.759 ms
 3 ( 1.776 ms 1.939 ms 1.959 ms

And the traceroute after:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 ( 0.285 ms 0.510 ms 0.582 ms
 2 a1modem.home ( 1.661 ms 1.656 ms 1.668 ms
 3 ( 8.516 ms 9.113 ms 10.233 ms
 4 ( 18.357 ms 18.356 ms 18.901 ms
 5 ( 21.620 ms ( 22.680 ms ( 24.036 ms
 6 ( 27.388 ms 25.470 ms 14.945 ms
 7 ( 24.701 ms 26.723 ms 27.989 ms
 8 ( 34.185 ms 19.505 ms 21.602 ms
 9 ( 23.647 ms 21.292 ms 22.401 ms

So, what the fuq went wrong here?!