OnePlusOne 16GB and the Soft Brick incident

Would you believe it?

The OnePlusOne smartphone of my wife got a soft brick, all by it-self.

Software can have bugs, software is able to NOT work sometimes, but a crash so massive that the device wouldn’t even turn on again is to much for me. I am sorry.

Of course, I know how to flash an Android phone, I know how to write an app, basically. I can play around with such devices. But my wife DOES NOT. And I did not touch her device, not once. So this is a fault to be searched for at OnePlus.

Well ok, there are official guides from OnePlus for this particular incident.
Help my phone is not powering on

Besides that this “guide” is ridiculous, it just doesn’t work in this case.

So… Well, Google, or the search engine of your trust, is your friend. There are quite a few guides to “unbrick” your OPO from this stadium of inactivity.

And here hell breaks lose… Of course there’s nowhere a guide covering this problem for linux users, like I am. No, you have to use a MS Windows [wahtever version]. So I first had to dig out an dusted old Windows virtual machine to try to fix that problem.

There’s the next hell, Windows and drivers for whatever devices and additional the buggy Windows driver signing.

Final result: A Windows VM with a fuqing driver problem (Code 52) (even when I’m disabling driver signing…) and still a bricked phone. THANK YOU ONE PLUS!

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