Microsoft, Windows 10 and the paternalism of users

Attention: This is a rant, with some swearing…

Yes, Windows 10 is here…

… and Microsoft desided to force users to install ‘the wonderfull free upgrade to Windows 10’. So my father was punished by an automatic  install.

The update system wasn’t even asking him. He went away from his PC and came back some hours later only to find his system already installing the new operating system.

Well. After the installation he declined the new licensing and got his Win7 back, at least that went smooth, but in my opinion microsoft should be charged for the lost hours of waiting for install/deinstall of this shit called Windows 10.

And just after restoring Win7 a window popped up and said it would install Win10  within 1 hour again, so when you’re just gone because your wife needs help for whatever, you’re again punished by a installation of Win10 you did not want. Only by choosing first to postpone and later to deactivate (after 3 or 5 different dialogues) he could avoid to have Win10 again.

Microsoft: Why the fuck do you force users like this? Are you so dumb to think, that everything on the users Systems is ready for Win10 ?!

Maybe there are compatibility issues with EXPENSIVE programs like Autodesk Inventor/3dSMax/Alias Wavefront and similar tools for PRODUCTIVE work?!

Hell, I could sue you for this, it’s so … so… ….. ….

To sum it up: You guys at Microsoft, who decided this shit – You are god damn assholes.