Editing office documents directly inside nextcloud

It bothered me for long, that I couldn’t edit office documents directly online on my own/nextcloud. Then I found the collabora plugin in the nextcloud apps and checked the nextcloud website about that.

It’s easier than you think.

First Step: Get yourself the docker container running

The simplest solution would be a docker-compose.yml file like this one:

version: '2'
    image: collabora/code
      - domain=cloud.mmo.to
      - username=<username>
      - password=<password>
    restart: always
      - collabora
    driver: bridge

It’s the latest developement version in collabora/code so for private use it’s okay. 🙂

As a sidenote: I have no idea what’s the username and password for in the docker container, but I’ve set it just to be sure.

Don’t forget to configure your webserver with an subdomain vhost and all the proxy configuration parts which are mentioned inside the nextcloud tutorial.

Second Step: Configure your Let’s Encrypt cert for the subdomain

Well, that’s kinda obvious and god damn simple, so I’ll skip to the next and last step.

Last Step: Configure your collabora app in nextcloud

… with the subdomain of your collabora docker instance behind the webproxy. 

And it magically works. I was surprised too! 

If anything doesn’t work as expected check back with the nextcloud site mentioned above or maybe on the website of collabora itself.