Well, it’s about time that I handle that topic too.

So here’s a list what I had to do to get it working on all services I have running

  • Checking the IPv6 subnet I got from my provider
    • Setting one of those IPs on the network device
  • Checking DNS entries
    • Adding AAAA records for “*”, “@” and the server name
    • Adding an IPv6 reverse DNS name
    • For email I had to correct my SPF entry
  • Service configurations I had to change or to check
    • Apache, just had to check that the Listen configuration listens on all interfaces
    • Postfix, here I had to add the IPv6 protocol
  • Gladly the docker internal network is completly hidden, so I do not have to care about anything running behind my apache proxy, also the SSH server is listening on all devices and I do not care currently about my gitlab instance external ssh access, that may still stay on IPv4 for a while

What might help when you’re testing IPv6 is following test website: https://www.mythic-beasts.com/ipv6/health-check

So far everything is working, what’s still bugging me is that you can’t force your browser to use IPv6 when visiting a site which supports it, you don’t even know it…