professional work

What the owner of this website is able to do for you, depends on  what you need.

At first Marcel M. Otte is a Linux and Open Source enthusiast. You can get his attention with interesting open source or commercial projects as long as they contain a dependency to Linux.

Programming in different languages is hobby and profession at once for Marcel. At work at his current employer he is maintaining the Jenkins pipeline CI system, creating new development toolchains through docker images, programming scripts and tools in Python, playing around with CMake and setting up new tools for static code analysis and coverage analysis, last but not least he is searching for a replacement of the current docker orchestration. His duties at his former employer were programming desktop software in C++/Qt and C#. In the past he was programming embedded systems and microcontrollers in C, using the soldering iron to fight hardware and software bugs, working on Java software products, implementing different protocols and analysis of big data with matlab.

In his private time, Marcel works on some private and open source projects in C++ with Qt, Java, C, Golang and since some time he learns Haskell to expand his experience with the positive effects of this language.

Open sourced projects of Mr. Otte can be found here:

Marcel does all this for a living and made a bachelors degree in ‘technical computer science’ and the masters degree in ‘information systems’, both at the university of applied sciences Ulm.

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