Gitlab-CI and how to safely build docker images

Well. That was some hard time to get that running.

These ways of building docker images with gitlab-runner(s) can be found online:

But no one mentioned just using a bare gitlab-runner on your server with standard shell access and the gitlab-runner user added to the docker group. In the end it’s the simplest variant and the most obvious from my view but not the first propagated.

I tried the whole bunch mentioned above only to fail after hours of playing around, so I chose to get back to good oldschool gitlab-runner-without-docker and voila, everything runs smooth.


Microsoft, Windows 10 and the paternalism of users

Attention: This is a rant, with some swearing…

Yes, Windows 10 is here…

… and Microsoft desided to force users to install ‘the wonderfull free upgrade to Windows 10’. So my father was punished by an automatic  install.

The update system wasn’t even asking him. He went away from his PC and came back some hours later only to find his system already installing the new operating system.

Well. After the installation he declined the new licensing and got his Win7 back, at least that went smooth, but in my opinion microsoft should be charged for the lost hours of waiting for install/deinstall of this shit called Windows 10.

And just after restoring Win7 a window popped up and said it would install Win10  within 1 hour again, so when you’re just gone because your wife needs help for whatever, you’re again punished by a installation of Win10 you did not want. Only by choosing first to postpone and later to deactivate (after 3 or 5 different dialogues) he could avoid to have Win10 again.

Microsoft: Why the fuck do you force users like this? Are you so dumb to think, that everything on the users Systems is ready for Win10 ?!

Maybe there are compatibility issues with EXPENSIVE programs like Autodesk Inventor/3dSMax/Alias Wavefront and similar tools for PRODUCTIVE work?!

Hell, I could sue you for this, it’s so … so… ….. ….

To sum it up: You guys at Microsoft, who decided this shit – You are god damn assholes.

Heavy Metal / Hard Rock must see list

To do:

  • Manowar


  • Blind Guardian (many times, with meet’n’greet!)
  • Iron Maiden (2008 Wacken)
  • Gamma Ray (2006 SB)
  • Helloween (200x SB)
  • Axxis (2008 Wacken)
  • Annihilator (2015 Wacken)
  • Motörhead (2014 Wacken) > RIP Lemmy! < :'(
  • Running Wild (2015 Wacken)
  • Grave Digger (2015-12-27 München/Backstage)
  • Europe (2015 Wacken)
  • Judas Priest (2015 Wacken)
  • In Flames (2015 Wacken)
  • Sabaton (2015 Wacken)
  • Accept (2014 Wacken)
  • HammerFall (2014 Wacken)
  • Avantasia (08/14 Wacken)
  • and many more on multiple festivals…

I’ll update this list more or less frequently … 🙂

Relocation to Germany

Well, now it is done.

We were relocating to Germany, more exactly Swabia/Bavaria, much more exactly 30km east from Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

So I have a new address, new telephone numbers, but my website and email addresses will all stay the same. 🙂

New job is nice, the team is awesome and the work itself is … work, getting something done in different programming languages. Just how I like it. (C++/Qt, some C#, Batch-Scripts)

Greetings from Swabia!

OnePlusOne 16GB and the Soft Brick incident

Would you believe it?

The OnePlusOne smartphone of my wife got a soft brick, all by it-self.

Software can have bugs, software is able to NOT work sometimes, but a crash so massive that the device wouldn’t even turn on again is to much for me. I am sorry.

Of course, I know how to flash an Android phone, I know how to write an app, basically. I can play around with such devices. But my wife DOES NOT. And I did not touch her device, not once. So this is a fault to be searched for at OnePlus.

Well ok, there are official guides from OnePlus for this particular incident.
Help my phone is not powering on

Besides that this “guide” is ridiculous, it just doesn’t work in this case.

So… Well, Google, or the search engine of your trust, is your friend. There are quite a few guides to “unbrick” your OPO from this stadium of inactivity.

And here hell breaks lose… Of course there’s nowhere a guide covering this problem for linux users, like I am. No, you have to use a MS Windows [wahtever version]. So I first had to dig out an dusted old Windows virtual machine to try to fix that problem.

There’s the next hell, Windows and drivers for whatever devices and additional the buggy Windows driver signing.

Final result: A Windows VM with a fuqing driver problem (Code 52) (even when I’m disabling driver signing…) and still a bricked phone. THANK YOU ONE PLUS!

Sons of ……..j0284z52z6ht89389043734875

W:O:A – Mud. Mud. Mud.

That was Wacken: Mud.

To say it with the words of the organisation and police: It was the muddiest, but also the smoothest Wacken since it started 26 years ago. Almost no criminal actions and an overall nice chillout feeling.

Here a short overview:

Tuesday 2000 – Standing in the traffic jam just before the Wacken area, having some stress with some stupid security guards, because they didn’t even know what’s going on.

Tuesday ~2300 – We’re standing on the campground setting up our camping trailer and Martin’s tent.
Wednesday – Rain, 2 minutes dry from above, rain, 20 minutes dry, rain. Did I mention rain? The way to the festival infield tent (Headbangers Stage) for Europe was quite arduous, but nothing against the day after, because of the steady heavy rain during the night. (~100l/m², some said…)

Thursday – Rain was almost gone, finally. But all campground roads were still muddy as hell. So we did a chillout day to recover from the rainy beginning, without much walking around on the infield, except for Savatage and some Eric Fish ‘n’ Friends on the Wackinger Stage.

Friday – Cloudy with some sunshine. Excellent weather from above, drying out the mud at our place, campground V. The roads to the infield were still muddy knee-deep. The infield was also a mud wasteland. But nothing could keep us away from watching Annihilator, In Flames, Running Wild/Within Temptation and some smaller bands on the Wackinger Stage.

Saturday – Last day, finally sunny all day with some single and small clouds. Mud at our camping area went from still wet in the morning to dust in the evening. This great day ended with Sabaton, Judas Priest and a bit of Santiano, fighting our way back in the end through the last mud puddles, being very tired.

Sunday – After a comfortable breakfast we started to pack our things into the camping trailer and started our journey back to our relatives near Elmshorn.

Now we’ll have some vacation from the Wacken-vacation in the north before we travel the 15 hours with the camping trailer back home. 🙂

Some photos may follow, when I get the good ones from our friends. 🙂

Brute force login attempts

… at this WordPress instance.

Quite funny watching the visit statistic going up only for “/wp-login.php”.
Had also some fun watching the silly tries to find the correct password for users like “admin”, “administrator”,”< domain.tld>” or just “< domain>” which all do not exist.

But in the end I decided to stop that statistic spamming with a htpasswd authentication for just wp-login.php, so my stats aren’t filled up with failed loginattempts instead the attacker has to guess the user and the 20 character password of the htpasswd auth first.

Have fun! 😛