Setting up gitlab on archlinux behind an apache

Setting up gitlab is quite straight forward on archlinux, following this article.

The wiki article even mentions the procedure to run gitlab behind an apache https proxy. The only thing I’ve missed was the hint for changing the base url of gitlab so that a repository link would work with the correct domain instead of ‘localhost’.

For this it is necessary to change following section in gitlab.yml :

## GitLab settings
 ## Web server settings (note: host is the FQDN, do not include http://)
 host: localhost
 port: 80
 https: false

Here you have to change localhost to your domain name.

Looks simple, but somethings you search a long time for simple solutions.


StartSSL certified

Now my domain and all subdomains are certified by StartSSL.

Hopefully never again you have to make a ssl certificate exception within your browser.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice service from StartSSL, the whole personal validation was done within 3 hours, and the next day I was able to generate my ssl certificates.

And of course I updated my server to get rid of the vulnerable openssl version.

KDE – akonadi – kmail

I had a high view of KDE and the tools of this desktop environment. But today I got quite a throwback with it.

Since my Thunderbird has got some some issues (2 windows popping up, problems receiving mail (chrome javascript, etc.)), which were rather hard to fix, I decided to give Kmail a chance.

Well, Kmail has his chances gamed away now. I set up everything according to menu guidance but no mail was getting into my folders. Kmail activity log said something about ‘Unable to append item flags’. After some research I found out that there’s quite a work to do to fix that bug and that this bug is already known since 2011!

After such a long time such a problem should be solved by the application itself in my opinion not by the user with quite a bulk of work cleaning some directories, cleaning configs, reconfiguring everything, etc.

Now back to Thunderbird. Already fixed the problems there after getting in touch with the bugs from Kmail. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Private blog

I rarely write private blog posts.

Most and for all I do not want to publish everything I do in my life and want to protect my privacy.

But sometimes there may be interesting things happening in my life which could also be informative for the rest of the world, or at least for some of my friends, colleagues and other acquaintances.

What I do is some photography, which I’ll post on my picture log or ‘plog’. ๐Ÿ™‚