This server runs completely on Arch Linux, and is kept mostly up-to-date.

The webserver is a classic apache, the database backend is served with mariadb and a postgresql database.

The email service consists of the obvious postfix and dovecot, spampd dspam rspamd in between, roundcube as webmail service and a imapproxy only for roundcube to cache the connections.

Docker is used for almost everything else.

Some services can be accessed through the web, see the links below for convenience.

Services ONLY for private use or private community use include but are not limited to:

  • quasselcore
  • openvpn
  • xmpp (jabber)
  • nextcloud
    • collabora for editing documents
  • etherpad
  • email with webmail
  • gitea
  • mumble
  • teamspeak3
  • source engine game servers (dods, css, tf2, hl2dm)
  • two terasology (FOSS minecraft clone) game servers